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At EmpaCurious, it's all about choice. We have crafted a collection of flavors inspired by some of the world's greatest places for great street food, and arranged them into themes for you.

Themes will rotate in response to what you love most., so please check with us frequently. Go ahead, take a look. and enjoy the music we've provided for you. 


The Tango

Inspired by Argentina: mild to medium palette, authentic Argentine recipes. Presented with Lemon Wedge and Garlic Aioli.

Pairs nicely with a mid-bodied Malbec or Cabernet. Enjoy by a fire with  Buenos Aires Tango Music or Argentine Samba Music.

The Sahara

Inspired by The Middle East: mysterious and assertively spiced, hints of mint and dried fruit. Presented with Zesty Mint Sauce.

Pairs nicely with Pinot Noir. Enjoy with family Middle Eastern Belly Dance Music.

The Bhangra

Inspired by India: complex, colorful, bold curry spices, ginger and cilantro, and oh so comforting. Presented with Mango Chutney Sauce.

Pairs perfectly with a spicy Shiraz or Zinfandel or an Indian Pale Ale. Enjoy with family and friends and Punjabi Bhangra Music.

The Soca

Inspired by The West Indies: wicked, bold and festive, strong hints of jerk and sweet plantain. Presented with a Guava BBQ Sauce or Burnt Orange Sauce.

Pairs with a fruity red or ice cold Presidente Beer. Enjoy at a hopping party with hot West Indian Soca Music or smooth Jamaican Reggae Music.

The Jalisco

Inspired by Mexico: bold, spicy, chorizo-based spices with an attitude. Presented with lime wedges and a Chipotle Sour Cream sauce.

Pairs oh-so nicely with Modelo Negra or Dos Equis and a tequila chase. Enjoy in your backyard cantina with family and friends and spirited Mexican Jalisco Music 


The Dragon

Inspired by China: sweet and spicy with hints of ginger-soy reduction. Presented with Spicy Plum Sauce or Burnt Orange Sauce.

Pairs nicely with a medium-bodied Merlot or Pinot Noir. Enjoy with a circle of family and friends and festive, epic Chinese Dragon Music


The Zydeco

Inspired by New Orleans: bold as the Soca, but with a French-American twist. Cajun-inspired spices and aromatics for an oh-my-god-so-good kick. Presented with Spicy Remoulade Sauce.

Pairs with crisp Riesling, mid-bodied Pinot Noir or bold Zinfandel. Enjoy with friends at a party and some spiritually festive Cajun Zydeco Dance Music and some Bourbon Mint Julep.


The Tarantella

Inspired by Italy: mild, Mediterranean herbs and spices and Italian cheeses. Presented with kicked-up Basil Marinara Sauce or Garlic Aioli.

Pairs with classic Chianti or dry Cabernet. Enjoy with lots and lots of family and classic Italian Dance Music


The Flamenco

Inspired by Spain: mild, Iberian spices, saffron and a hint of sherry. Presented with a Sherry Cream Sauce.

Pairs nicely with a classic Rioja. Enjoy with friends around a table full of laughter and of course, feisty Spanish Flamenco Music.


The Rumba

Inspired by Cuba, Mild Caribbean flavors, citrus, garlic and onions front and center. Presented with Garlic-Mojo Sauce or Honey-Garlic-Mojo Mayo.

Pairs nicely with a classic a crisp, citrus-infused Sangria. Enjoy with family at a backyard party with Lechon Asado (Roast Pork) and sexy, rhythmic Cuban Music.


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