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Latin Rendezvous Headlines First Saturdays at #EmpaCuriousLive

Beginning on Saturday, Feb 3, The Sexiest Flamenco Rumberos in Sarasota will headline "1st Saturdays at #EmpaCuriousLive".  This talented Duo will be featuring Spanish Rumba/Flamenco, Gypsy and World Musical formats presented with rich and warm acoustic sounds.

Bistro Dinner & Music Format - 2 Seatings

This will be a dinner show format guaranteed to elevate your EmpaCurious multi-ethnic dining experience. Seating on a reservation-only basis. Two seatings at 6PM and 8PM.

Cuisine Inspiration

We want to keep you curious about What's Cooking Each Week. As always, we try to be thoughtful about how our food, wine and music pair together and that our ambiance evokes the warmth and energy to suit the event. We promise to have dishes available that speak to "Spanish Flamenco" for this event. 

Our Craft Cocktail Bar service is coming along nicely and we expect to have a few new craft cocktails to offer you.

And as for after the music and dancing, well ... there's this!



#EmpaCuriousLive evens are seated on a reservation basis only. Please fill-out reservation form HERE

We look forward to creating a memorable experience!