We serve a weekly, rotating menu. Ethnic destinations, proteins, local produce, sauces ... all rotate weekly. The Menu below is an overview of what we do. For current dishes, please check with us at The Market or The Bistro. 

Piropos | winks & flirts

Chef’s Choice of teaser, bite-sized treats

Sopas + Ensaladas | soup & salad

* Casa Salad (Vegan): Garden Greens / Chutney Dressing

* Jicama Salad: Jicama- Cabbage Slaw/ Sweet Cream

* Garden Vegetable Soup (Vegan)

* Roasted Root Bisque of the Week

* Seafood Bisque of the Week

* Bean Soup of the Week

Tapas + Pinchos + Rellenos | small plates  

Rotating List of Ethnic Treats, Spanish Tapas and Stuffed Delights from Argentina to Spain & West Indies

* Argentina - Style Empanadas (Minis & Traditional)  

- Meat Rotation: Beef, Bison, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit

- Poultry Rotation: Chicken, Turkey, Duck

- Seafood Rotation: Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Fish

- Vegetarian: Roasted Root Vegetables, Legumes, Farro, Quinoa

* Brazilian Cheese Breads

 Same Options as Empanadas, Baked in a Fluffy, Cheesy, Gluten-Free Pastry

Platos grandes | Plates

Bowls, Small Plates & Sides. Choose from bases, add meat, poultry, seafood or vegetarian toppings

* Rice, Quinoa, Couscous, Farro, Salad Greens

* Baked Root Vegetables, Legumes

* Baked Sweet Plantains

* Garlic-Parmesan Yuca ‘NoFries’

Platos Especiales | Specialty Dishes

Chef’s Cuisine Inspirations of The Week  

We Rotate Our Protein Selections Around Our Growing List of Ethnic Cuisines and Serve Over Beautiful Grains, Roots and Greens. Wine Pairing Selections Available.  Cuisines Inspirations to Date Include:  

* The Tango, Inspired by Argentina

* The Sahara -  Inspired by The Middle East Region

* The Bhangra - Inspired by The Indian Continent
* The Soca - Inspired by The West Indies

* The Jalisco - Inspired by Mexico

* The Flamenco - Inspired by Spain

* The Zydeco - Inspired by New Orleans

* The Tarantella - Inspired by North American Italian

* The Dragon - Inspired by China

* The Rumba - Inspired by Cuba


Market Bakery & Deli

Extensive Menu of Savory Pies and Pastries, Fanciful Cakes, Custard Pies  and Latin-American Cookies & Sweets. Available for Sit-in or Grab & Go. Sample Delicacies Include:

* Saladas (Savory)

- Stuffed Delights (Empanadas, Cheese Breads, Much More)

- Gluten Free Ravioli

- Tartas (Quiche)

- Vegetarian Delights

- Much More On A Rotating Basis

* Postres + Dulces (Desserts & Sweets)

- Pina Colada Cake - Coconut, Pineapple, Rum/Cream

- Cheese Flan -  Cream Cheese Custard, Vanilla, Caramel

- Vigilante Empanada - Quince/Boniato Preserve, Cheese, Honey

- Guava Cheese Empanada - Guava Jelly, Goat Cheese, Honey

- Alfajores Mini Cakes - Dulce De Leche, Dark Chocolate

- Vuelo de Dulce - Taster Flight of Latin Candied Treats & Cheese


Vinos | Wine

Offered by Glass, Table-Side Bottle &  Retail | Market Priced

* Burbujas (Bubbles)

- Bernard Massard Cuvée, Brut, Luxembourg

* Blanco (White)

- Moscato d’Asti - Beppe Marino Muray, Italy, 2016

- Vouvray, Monmousseau, France, 2015     
- Chardonnay, Cucao, Chile, 2016

- Sauvignon Blanc, Monmousseau Justin, France, 2015

* Tinto (Red)

- Pinot Noir, Les Volets,  France, 2015  (Vegan)  

- Merlot, Borgo Boschetto, Italy, 2015

- Tempranillo, Bodegas Campos Reales Canforrales, Spain 2014   

- Malbec, Bodegas Del Fin Del Mundo Postales, Argentina, 2016

- Malbec, Dante Robino, Mendoza, Argentina, 2016

- Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva,  Cucao Winery, Chile, 2014

CÓCTELES | cocktails

Alternative Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin & Tequila Cocktails, Offering All The Flavor and Kick of Distilled Spirits

cerveza | beer

Bottled Beers Available Now. Local Craft Beers Starting Dec 2017

* Corona - Stella Artois - Yuengling - Guinness *


bebidas| beverages

* Cold: Mineral & Sparkling Water, Brewed Teas, Kombucha*

* Hot: Coffee, Brewed Tea, Mate, Lattes *