On Saturday, Nov 19, Great Music and Great Food simmered together to create a memorable event at Fogartyville in downtown Sarasota. EmpaCurious joined The Viva Cal Sextet for a sold-out performance. EmpaCurious presented a menu offering stuffed delights, bowls, sweets and lattes with cuisine inspirations from Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, New Orleans, The West Indies, and Asia.

Artisanal pastries stuffed with delicacies such as Duck Dragon, Crab & Roasted Corn Zydeco, Rabbit Flamenco, and Beef Tango were paired with Baked Garlic-Parmesan Yucca, and Tumeric-spiced Quinoa and Wild Rice Saffron Pilaf were topped with Spicy Chicken Soca, Roasted Sweet Plantains and Jicama-Cranberry Slaw. Dishes were paired wit EmpaCurious signature sauces, such as Burnt Orange, Guava BBQ, Spicy Mango BBQ, Honey-Garlic Aioli and more.

After the main meal, a dessert course was presented, featuring sweet Empanadas stuffed with Guava and Queso Blanco,, as well as dishes of Sylvia's Mother's Spiced Candied Pumpkin and Candied Papaya, topped with our own Hot-Honey Spiked Marscapone and Almonds.  For the big finish, we offered exotic vegan lattes, including Spiced Turmeric, Dominican Cacao, and Green Tea Matcha.

It was an exciting event, a packed house, great music and dancing and much love shared. This was a most excellent debut in Sarasota for our startup. The audience wants us back and several private and public events are in the works at customer requests.

December, here we come!