Two weeks ago, Chef Judi Gallagher popped-in to EmpaCurious and flat-out said "hey, I wanna do a live spot on ABC7 with you guys. Are you up for it?


And so a new door opened, we walked through, and history will be the judge.

Since that day, Chef Judi has visited and dined with us several times and told us how much she enjoyed the food. She offered a few welcomed tips here and there, but was visibly immersed in her dining experience.

But the big day was today - when Judi and her crew taped a live session with us. My crew was on-point and held down the fort while we rocked the taping. Thanks to my awesome staff - Jeff Bellomo on the fire, Leigh Kuyendall on prep, baking and expo, Tiffany Layfield and Steve Arami on the floor, and to my partner, rocking the pastries, sweets and production, Sylvia Noguera. 

EmpaCrew_small size.jpg

Check out the video HERE

Alfonso Abreu, Chief FoodieNerd

#TheEmpaCurious Team


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