In January, Beth and Jack Littman-Quinn happened upon EmpaCurious for dinner. They were very polite, very professional, clearly great eaters, and so pleasant. I was working the line that night - back in the day before we could afford a full staff.

At one point, we noticed that Jack pulled-out his cell phone to take a picture. Nothing unusual; that is ... until Beth pulled-out two devices out of her bag, hovered over Jack's plate (and I could swear I heard her say "cleeear") while Jack shot pictures of my dishes.

They ended the night politely, complimented me on the meal, and went on their very polite and very merry way. 

A week later, they returned: order, cook, present, "cleeear" , poof, lights... lather, rinse, repeat. By this point it was obvious: Food critics! Yikes! I was worried at first, but they are so dang' nice that they calmed me down effortlessly. It was, apparently, a good night. They returned once again the following week with friends and family. That's when I knew.

It's been three weeks since that I've seen Jack and Beth. Today, the shared with me - and all of you - what they thought of their dining experience. I was floored.

I am honored to be in the company of established restaurants decades in the making. Our job now is to keep raising the bar and deliver on our brand promise, while maintaining consistency of quality and service; no small feat - especially in such a fickle rain/pours, feast/famine seasonal market like Sarasota. There is so much more to do, and we're just getting started. 

I'd like to again thank my awesome staff - Jeff Bellomo on the fire, Leigh Kuyendall on prep, baking and expo, Tiffany Layfield and Steve Arami on the floor, and to my partner, rocking the pastries, sweets and production, Sylvia Noguera. 

CLICK HERE to read Jack and Beth's review

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Alfonso Abreu, Chief FoodieNerd

#TheEmpaCurious Team


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