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Every culture has a Street Food


Every culture has a Street Food

and we want to share the best of it ... with you.


It's a simple, but really big idea:  

Some of the most iconic street foods emerged during cultural struggle and oppression. Some were born out of love and passion. Many are staples we take for granted: a sandwich, a dumpling, a turnover, a taco, a ravioli, a spring roll.  

The empanada, in particular, hailed from Spain, originally in the form of a large meat pie cooked in a cast iron pan. Empanadas are as central to Latin American street food culture as the Calzone is to Italy, the Pierogi is to Eastern Europe, or the Samosa is to India.

So what exactly is the "simple-but-big-idea"? 

Inspired by these iconic foods, we aim to build upon, re-imagine, and otherwise further elevate these foods through better ingredients, cooking methods, innovative flavors and accessibility. 

Stated simply, EmpaCurious aims to deliver a mind-blowing, healthy, culturally-inspired, reasonably priced, gourmet food experience ... RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!

And you can have it delivered fresh & hot to enjoy right away, or you can choose from our extensive line of fresh-frozen/vacuum-sealed products that you can prepare at home for family, friends or your next party. 

As they say in New York, ‘It’s a beautiful thing’.



Our Passion

Our Passion

family, friends, food, music and dance.  this matters most to us. 

To give happiness to others is a great work of charity to the self
— Author unkown

At EmpaCurious, we grew up surrounded by sensual, colorful, expressive, passionate, loud, fun-loving people. Our burning desire is to share that passion with you. We awaken every morning eager to create stuffed delights of intense flavor, luxurious texture and pristine quality that will appeal to your senses and make you feel oh-so-good inside. 

We love people, food and music so much that we recently presented our creations at a Jazz-Meets-Salsa event in Sarasota to a sold-out crowd. Take a look at a few promo-shots from the sold-out event. Do you feel the love?


And because we are epicurean foodies - just like you - we will stay curious about great food and will keep scanning the airwaves for the emerging flavors, colors, art, music and dance of world cultures that influence great food. Our deepest intent is to pay homage to these cultures with creative inspirations of our own.

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Our Founders

Our Founders


EmpaCurious was founded by two passionate foodies.

No surprise there.

We are self-trained foodie passionistas. For much of our adult lives, we would get lots of encouragement from family and friends and party hosts “oh my god, this is soooo good! you should open a restaurant”.

Many cooks jump into the business based on similar encouragement. In our case, we resisted that temptation for years and years, opting to keep cooking at foodie events and parties just for fun … until that one day when we crafted a model that would allow us to deliver an exquisite, reasonably priced food experience without all the overhead that kills most restaurants.

So we created artisanal "Stuffed Delights in a Sheet of Heaven" and offer  you three ways to experience our food: an Online Bistro offering pick-up & delivery; a Catering Service for parties and events; and Meal Planning and Heat & Serve offering we call MealBox - all designed to provide outstanding food of the best quality at a reasonable price. Imagine that.



Every once in awhile, the universe brings together talent in a recipe that is unique and unexpected. This is one of those times.

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Alfonso Abreu

Alfonso is co-founder and CEO of EmpaCurious LLC and plays several roles as Chief Food Alchemist, and Head of Product Management, Marketing, IT, and Business Operations. Alfonso’s is a seasoned technology executive, innovation consultant and start-up junkie who has traveled extensively in various global positions in the technology industry. He has advised many, many companies, executives, and start-up founders. For Alfonso, EmpaCurious is an opportunity to apply skills in business/systems and technology to his passion for food.

Alfonso is a father of two, an accomplished percussionist and a former professional musician. He's a foodie, a techie, an avid reader and a lover of latin dance. Alfonso is a native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and grew up in The Bronx, NY.


Sylvia Noguera

Sylvia is co-founder and VP of EmpaCurious LLC and 'Chief Masera". She plays several roles in food innovation, pastry design, food production and packaging. Sylvia is insanely creative. She is a co-creator of our recipes. She is an avid gardener. She makes natural home products and soaps. And she always has a "scattered lab" of projects and ideas.

Many of the pictures on this site were taken by Alfonso and Sylvia using a cardboard lightbox she threw together one night.

Sylvia is a mother of two and a native of Cordoba, Argentina.