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We started it; we developed a great idea and made it concrete. We invested capital, time, blood, sweat, and tears into this project. We gave it shape, form, identity, and a look and feel - and a whole lotta' flavor. And now, it's your turn to shine. Only you can help take EmpaCurious to the next level. Because to achieve our operational and growth objectives, we will need awesome people. Are you awesome? Cause if you are, we need you!! 

We are opening our new location in the Gulf Gate Village of Sarasota in August/September 2017 and are looking for food professionals with proven experience working all aspects of the food, beverage and hospitality industries, including:

  • Kitchen Operations
  • Line Cooking & Baking
  • Organizing, Prepping, Packaging
  • Bar Services
  • Table and Hosting Services
  • Front/Back Restaurant Management
  • F&B Sales & Marketing

You must be a foodie, interested in healthy life style and trends, be energetic, hardworking and possess positive vibes - now downers, scrooges or naysayers. We want can-do, get-it-done types. We want mixers, catalysts, team players, introverted analysts and extroverted social beasts. We want real people who can accept and embrace differences to build a team that will create memorable experiences for our customers.

And we will pay above industry rates for it too: hourly/base + teamwork bonus + a new profit-sharing bonus plan for all team members, targeted for 2018, and tied to company-wide financial performance.  

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