"You Have To Try These Empanadas"

"Wow! My parents live on Anna Maria Island and have been talking about this place since it opened. I presumed that they were exaggerating. They weren't.

After we got in last night, we had duck, beef, lamb, and crab empanadas with a variety of the interesting sauces on offer. Everything was wonderful. All of the flavors were complex and satisfying.

You have to try these empanadas."

-- Patrick Jiacomo --

"These Folks Are Doing Amazing Stuff"


I have tried almost all of the current Empacurious offerings and have to say, these folks are doing AMAZING stuff! 

I'm continually blown away by the exciting international flavors they consistently achieve. What's equally impressive is that their dishes are very healthy. I can't wait for them to spread their success to other parts of Sarasota–and beyond! 

You can even order on-line or via a really cool mobile app. These guys have got it going on!"

-- Max Kelly --

MOST DELICIOUS empanadas!!!!!

"This place makes the MOST DELICIOUS empanadas!!!!! I had tried the beef tango and Sahara lamb empanadas and they were unbelievably tasty. I look forward to ordering again and trying everything they have in their menu.

If you haven't tried them yet this is a must have to do while in Anna Maria Island."

--Mariano de la Riva--

"Over-The-Top Great FOOD"

"Delicious and amazing food! We were lucky enough to try a few of the empanadas and sauces, last night. The Lamb Sahara (my favorite) was unexpectedly over-the-top great. The pastry was light and flaky and beautiful to look at. The mint sauce was a nice addition without being over powering. We will be regulars. Having these dishes delivered on time and hot for a $3 delivery fee makes EmpaCurious convenient and delicious."

-- Nancy Flynn --

"Lucky to Have This Amazing Place"

" Absolutely delicious food and we got it right to our door in Anna Maria! We are so lucky to have this amazing place right here on the Island. 

We will definitely be ordering again!"

-- Janet Kingan -- 

"Layer Upon Layer of Flavors"


Soooooo good! Layer upon layer of flavors. 

This was our first visit so we tried several things. The black bean and chorizo chili was fantastic. The lamb empanadas were works of art and absolutely delicious, especially with the spicy mango chutney. Wow! The chipas were yummy and came with a dipping oil. Everything was freshly made. 

Alfonso and Sylvia, you make great food! Thank you so much. You are a wonderful addition to the AMI foodie scene!"

-- Laura Jaicomo --

"Better Than We Ever Had"

"Wow! Needed to bring dish to party with no time to cook. Ordered the duck, beef and spinach empanadas. Better than we have ever had and everyone loved them. Delivered hot and on time. This will be a regular go to place for us. Thank You!"

-- Dawn Allen Moyna --

"My Kids Loved It and it Made Me Happy.."


When I see my kids like something new, I am so happy... but when i think it is totally awesome... that makes it even better! Last night I drank the turmeric latte while waiting on the order, it was so good!!! I loved it and cannot wait to get another one! 

The empanadas were delish! I cannot wait to see all that they have coming!!! I wish them the best of luck, although I do not think they will need luck, they simple have really good food!!!"

-- Amelia Anna Tucci --

"Intricate World of Culinary Flavors"

Wow! At a community center buffet I got to experience this intricate world culinary tour of flavors. The lamb with a mint sauce - amazing! & the Brazilian Cheese bread! Even the coleslaw uniquely crafted. All of the food disappeared rapidly even though there was a lot of food presented. Can't wait to get more. Thank you lovely Sylvia & Abraham - gracious chefs and hosts. Memorable evening!
--Cheryl Wilson


I LOVE this food

"I LOVE this food and so do my kids!! The GF options are amazing! To experience EmpaCurious is to experience food at its best."

--Jenny Greene--

"The Sauces Are Amazing"

Everything is delicious. The sauces are AMAZING!
— Kristen Lessig



"The Empanadas Were Just Perfect"

The Yucca ‘NoFries” were so very tasty ... and of course, the empanadas were just perfect.
— Will Schenerlein



'It's Better Than Chicken"

"Working at The Center I have been able to taste test all the delicious empanadas! Tonight I tried rabbit! And I have to say, its way better than chicken! Come out and check them out!"

-- Alyssa Hilbert --